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2007 Empire State Games

Qualifiers - May 19th & 20th, 2007

May 19 - Scholastic Events (Fencers Juniors in HS and younger)
Close of Registrations: Girls Epee / Boys Foil 8:30 am
Boys Epee / Girls Foil 10:30 am
Boys Sabre/ Girls Sabre 12:30 am

May 20 - Open Events (Seniors in HS and Up)
Close of Registrations: W. Epee / M. Foil 8:30 am
M. Epee / W. Foil 10:30 am
M. Sabre / W. Sabre 12:30 am

2006 Empire State Games

The LI Division held it's team qualifiers for the Empire State Games on May 20 and 21. The results are on the results page.
Congratulations to our competition winners, who will be representing Long Island at the Empire State Games this summer.
Sean McGeveran - Scholastic Mens Epee
Richard LadGrandier - Scholastic Mens Foil
Tom Boutin - Scholastic Mens Sabre
Alyssa Lombardi - Scholastic Womens Epee
Jessica Tranquada - Scholastic Womens Foil
Stephanie Aiuto - Scholastic Womens Sabre
Justin Meehan - Open Mens Epee
Rob Piraino - Open Mens Foil
Justin Meehan - Open Mens Sabre
Jenny Kim - Open Womens Epee
Jessica Wheeler - Open Womens Foil
Nicole Schirmer - Open Womens Sabre

The "David O. Brown Memorial 3-Weapon Award" was once again be presented to the LI fencer who proves to be the best 3 weapon fencer at the LI ESG qualifiers. The award is given in each of the 4 categories - Open Men, Open, Women, Scholastic Men, Scholastic Women. This Year's Award winners are

Justin Meehan - Open Men.
Joanne Groening - Open Women
Sean McGeveran - Scholastic Men
Stephanie Aiuto - Scholastic Women
Each of the award winners was presented with a plaque and a permanent plaque is on display at the Fencing Center of LI.

Results from the 2005 Empire State Games

  Once again, Long Island brings home it's share of medals
Scholastics Women's - GOLD
Open Women's - SILVER
Open Men's - BRONZE
Masters Women's Foil - GOLD
Masters Women's Epee - SILVER
Masters Men's Foil - BRONZE
Masters Men's Sabre - GOLD
Masters Men's Sabre - BRONZE

The Scholastic Women's Team gets a Gold

And there are more photos...
Empire State Games - New Paltz HS - July 28, 2005             Master's Division photos from Jim Simpson             Someone else posted a photo gallery as well

... and a letter from Bruce

From: FCLIclubrat@aol.com
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 19:39:20 EDT
Subject: Empire State Games 2005 Results

Hi Folks,

Attached are the results of all of the official fencing events held at Empire State Games 2005. Except for one incident that required me to lecture on the mike for 5 minutes on sportsmanship, I think the Games went rather well. We were made welcome at the site (New Paltz HS) and in fact were invited to come back there to host USFA events in the future. The events ran on time and on target, with fun had by all.

The masters events on Saturday were the largest in that category ever at ESG and for those who missed it, the fencing was quite good.

We tried out a demonstration individual event that will hopefully become official next year. Although the fencers were a bit tired from the team fencing, most stuck around and had a good time fencing the individual pools. The format that I will propose is that the weapons not the anchor weapon that year will just be one pool of six, while the anchor weapon will run as 2 pools of 6 to 1 pool of 6 to a final DE of the top 4. We should have the time, energy, refs and strips to do that. I will send a revised schedule and set of rules for that format ASAP.

The reason I insist on the at-large fencers fencing the anchor weapon is that I want to showcase one weapon each year. We need at least the 2 rounds and field of 10-12 to do that. I'm sorry that we cannot get more slots for fencing, but that is just not in the cards for the forseeable future and we will have to make the best of what we have.

Many thanks to the participants, coaches, referees, volunteers, and parents who helped to make the fencing event at this years Empire State Games a success.


Bruce Gillman
ESG Fencing Sport Chair

2005 Qualifiers

The LI Division held it's team qualifiers for the Empire State Games on May 28 and 29. The results are on the results page.

Congratulations to our competition winners, who will be representing Long Island at the Empire State Games this summer.Kevin Oliver - Scholastic Mens Foil
Scott Yakaitis - Scholastic Mens Epee
Tom Boutin - Scholastic Mens Sabre
Samantha Pirk - Scholastic Womens Foil
Alyssa Lombardi - Scholastic Womens Epee
Stephanie Aiuto - Scholastic Womens Sabre
Rob Piraino - Open Mens Foil
Mike Dreyfus - Open Mens Epee
Charles Pineda - Open Mens Sabre
Lisa Granshaw - Open Womens Foil
Erica Galarza - Open Womens Epee
Jess Hancock - Open Womens Sabre
Winners of the 2005 David O. Brown 3 weapon award are:
Stephanie Aiuto - Scholastic Women
Kevin Oliver - Scholastic Men
Lauren Wangner - Open Women
Justin Meehan - Open Men

2004's Empire State Games at Binghamton were a great success for the Long Island Region with all four of our teams bringing home medals.

Congrats to all and good luck to our teams at the ESG Finals 2005 which are slated for Hudson Valley Region in or around SUNY New Paltz.

For further info on Fencing in the Empire Sate Games contact me at 631-586-4455.

Bruce Gillman
Empire State Games Fencing State Chair