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This fall's Division newsletter available here: PDF version


Alan D. Kuver
        Vice Chairs
Jennie Salmon
Jeff Salmon
Linda Wangner
29 Euston Road
Garden City, NY 11530
Ron Wangner
        Chairmen Emeritus
Cindy MulQueen
Jeff Wolfe

Division Bylaws

The current By-Laws are available here.

Athelete's Handbook

The definitive guide for competitive fencers is the USFA Athlete's Handbook. You may download a copy from here 2007-2008 Athlete's Handbook or the original from the USFA site.

Division Info & Rules

Division I Born 1994 or earlier unless on the current Junior point standings and have a C or above by entry deadline.
Division II Born 1994 or earlier unless on the current Junior point standings and have a C or lower by entry deadline.
Division III Born 1994 or earlier unless on the current Junior point standings and have a D or
lower by entry deadline.
Veteran Born 1967 or earlier
Veteran 40-49 Born 9/2/1958-9/1/1948
Veteran 50-59 Born 9/2/1948-9/1/1958
Veteran 60 Born before 9/2/1948
Junior - U19 Born between 1989-1995. Younger age if on current cadet standing. USFA Nationals are U-19
Junior - U20 Born between 1988-1994. Younger age if on current cadet standing. The JO's are U-20.
Cadet (U-16) Born between 1992-1995. Younger age if on current Y14 standing. USFA Nationals are U-16
Cadet (U-17) Born between 1991-1994. Younger age if on current Y14 standing. The JO's are U-17.
Youth 14 Born between 1993-1996. Younger age if on the Y12 standings.
Youth 12 Born between 1995-1998. Younger age if on the Y10 standings.

Youth 10 Born between 1997-2000.



Every member of the Long Island Division who wishes to compete in a qualifier must show proof of a valid competitive membership. You may join the USFA at one of the Long Island Division qualifiers (fencers under18 must have a parent or guardian signature to join). You may also show your 2006-2007 USFA competitive membership card. If you have joined through one of the fencing clubs, it is still your obligation to show proof of your membership. When you have not received your membership card and a qualifier is coming up, please call the National office and speak with someone in membership services, they can fax or email a note that confirms your valid competitive Membership. If you do not have proof of a valid membership you will be asked to join the USFA before we can let you compete. The National Office phone number is 719-866-4511. You can also contact the national office through Email at info@usfencing.org.


The long Island Division officially sanctions all club meets subject to the following conditions being meet by the hosting club:


All competing fencers MUST have proof of membership by bringing their CURRENT USFA card with them. USFA membership expires the end of July. It is appreciated if the fencer renews BEFORE the qualifiers. If proof is not provided the fencer must pay for a new membership. The waiver of liability must be signed by the fencer, and parent if under 18 before they may compete. If there is a question, parents should come in and ensure the child is allowed to fence. Contact the National Office if membership card is delayed at: 7198664511 before the qualifier It is the fencer's responsibility to register with his / her membership card and fee in hand.

The cost of the competition will be $25 per event. We ask that everyone realize that many people running the event are volunteers and help is needed to: keep score, set up / break down, clean up.

The times that are listed on the schedule represent the CLOSE of Registration. Once the bout committee has created pools, fencing is expected to start as soon as possible.

The tournament format is the sole discretion of the bout committee. It is the responsibility of the fencer to know and understand the format for the event. Fencers must be fully attired in complete fencing uniform to include underarm protector, knickers and tall socks. Sweat pants are not cceptable. Girls must wear chest protection. Masks must pass a 12kg punch test and have a sewn in bib. Fencers are required to have at least two working weapons, two working body cords and a working lame (foil/ saber). The equipment must conform to the rules or be subject to penalties (yellow card, red card, etc). The fencer is responsible for the maintenance of these weapons.

Responsibility of the Long Island Division

The Long Island Division has the responsibility to promote the sport of fencing on Long Island. The Division organizes and schedules the qualifiers for the Junior Olympics and the Summer Nationals. This is not an easy task. We have to avoid conflicts with the national schedule, as well as SATs, and ACTs, religious holidays, etc. We have long found that it is impossible to please everyone. One qualifier has always been scheduled for the first weekend in January and it rotates every year. This work is done in committee, after good amount of discussion in regards to options. The choice of venue is determined by the anticipated number of competitors, cost, as well as availability of a volunteer to assume responsibility of securing and management of the site during the qualifier.


Win or lose it is how you play the game that counts. Only the fencers may speak to the referees. Parents must set a positive example. We would appreciate if parents would be mindful of their words and actions at the qualifiers as well as other tournaments. Spectators as well as athletes can be carded and asked to leave a venue for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Every year the USFA makes the USFA Athlete's Handbook available on line. It is worth downloading to your computer as a reference. All Clubs should have a copy of the Athlete's Handbook available for their members to use as a resource.


A fencer must qualify through their Division. One may not go to another Division to qualify for the Junior Olympics or the Summer Nationals. If the fencer has earned points in an event, they are auto qualifiers for that event, provided that they have not aged out of it. It is important for fencers to become familiar with various qualifying paths. This is available in the Athlete's handbook. Please plan ahead for qualifiers. Check that you have the directions and know the schedule before the day of the event.

The USFA Athlete Programs Handbook is the definitive guide to qualification paths to National championships. A parent has produced a condensed guide to qualifying which you may find useful if you want to compete nationally.

Long Island Team Championships

The long Island Division will hold a Team Championships for both the Junior and Open age categories.   These team championships are for member clubs of the USFA only and there can be no composite teams.  Every member who wishes to compete in the team championships may only fence for the club that they represent.  There can be only one team per event per club.  For your information the make of a team is at the sole discretion of each clubs management. Contact your fencing club for more information.  The Club team championships will also be the qualifier to Summer Nationals.


A petition is not an alternate way of gaining entry to the Junior Olympics or Summer Nationals. All petitions must start and be supported by the Division level before being sent on to the USFA. A major point of a petition is that the fencer should be able to demonstrate by documenting an established record in the event for which he / or she is petitioning for entry. Missing the qualifier for a family vacation does not usually constitute a reason for a petition. If an injury is involved, documentation by a doctor is required for the diagnosis of the injury and support that the athlete will be well enough to compete at the upcoming event.


Fencers are able to earn a rating if the required number of competing athletes satisfies the USFA rules. The fencer must end up on the top somewhere. Ratings affect fencers when pools are set up. Some people are spending way too much time worrying about this issue and not enjoying the sport and improving their skills. This year the USFA is planning to post the most current ratings and those will be considered the current and valid ones. It is necessary for anyone who is running a tournament to submit the information promptly.

Empire State Games

Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New York have state competitions. New York State conducts the Empire Games. It is a competitive process to be a member of the team to represent Long Island. Most school sports and recreational ones are included in this event. It is like a mini Olympics. A few years ago, in an effort to cut costs, Fencing was removed from the list of competitive sports. Many of us on Long Island worked hard to get the sport reinstated. There is both a scholastic as well as an open event for adults. It is a wonderful event. All the athletes are given warm ups. It can be an adventure and a positive experience. The scholastic, high school athletes can proudly include this on their college application if they are successful and are able to be a competitive member of the team. The date of the qualifier is included on the fencing schedule. Reminders as in the past will be past on to the clubs and coaches.