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2005 Nassau County JV Championship

Below are the results of the Junior Fencing Championships held at Hewlett Elementary School on Wed 2/9/05. Fun was had by all. Some of our upperclassmen got to show off their refereeing skills and did pretty well.

The Junior Championships signal the end of the Nassau HS Fencing season and give our underclassmen, who rarely get a chance to fence during the Dual match season, a chance to shine.

Junior Championships - Hewlett - 2/9/05

Womens Epee
1.Jennifer ReillyOyster Bay HS
2.Abby HepworthGarden City HS
3.Tiffany MonJericho HS
4.Priya SaxenaHewlett HS
5.Natalie BronfmanCold Spring Harbor HS
6.Holly KilperaOyster Bay HS
7.Meaghan WallaceGarden City HS
8.Melissa AllenCold Spring Harbor HS
9.Jane ChaHewlett HS
Womens Foil
1.Jenny JinGreat Neck South HS
2.Gabrielle KaplanOyster Bay HS
3.Ying YeOyster Bay HS
4.Tamar KleinHewlett HS
5.Lisa DeJosephGarden City HS
6.Beccy LehrmanHewlett HS
7.Maddie ScriccoCold Spring Harbor HS
8.Emily SiegelLong Beach HS
9.Katherine KimJericho HS
10.Katherine CarnesiGarden City HS
11.Rebecca ChengGreat Neck South HS
12.Karen Del SolarCold Spring Harbor HS
13.Bianca ArnowHewlett HS
14.Heidi ParkGreat Neck South HS
Womens Sabre
1.Debbie KatzGreat Neck North HS
2.Paula PetrovicOyster Bay HS
3.Marissa KennOyster Bay HS
4.Sarah SabinianoHewlett HS
5.Lauren PerrierGarden City HS
6.Haley GreenfieldJericho HS
7.Melanie EitelCold Spring Harbor HS
8.AmySuesterman Hewlett HS
9.Kelly ThompsonGarden City HS
10.Betty JiangJericho HS
11.Jackie JohnsonGarden City HS
12.Rozana ShahidullahHewlett HS
13.Stephanie ZaleskiOyster Bay HS
Mens Epee
1.Tony BogdanHewlett HS
2.E.J. CormierOyster Bay HS
3.James LiuGreat Neck South HS
4.Michael KimGreat Neck South HS
5.Kenny YangGreat Neck North HS
6.MattGiacometti Garden City HS
7.Taylor JungJericho HS
8.James GarveyWheatley HS
9.Sean RoachOyster Bay HS
Mens Foil
1.Nicky PatchaCold Spring Harbor HS
2.Peter BertoliOyster Bay HS
3.Xiao Teng YangGreat Neck North HS
4.Mike CruzOyster Bay HS
5.Jared MillerHewlett HS
6.Nicholas La CarrubbaCold Spring Harbor HS
7.Scott KaufmanCold Spring Harbor HS
8.Andrew KhalatovHewlett HS
9.James DochertyGarden City HS
10.Ravi PatelHewlett HS
11.Tom ArningGarden City HS
12.Anu SinghHewlett HS
13.David HollanderRoslyn HS
14.Ronald KonakHewlett HS
Mens Sabre
1.James ShaughnessyGreat Neck North HS
2.David YooJericho HS
3.Greg WrightGarden City HS
4.David FedderGreat Neck North HS
5.Deepak HadpawatHewlett HS
6.Jeremy KlepnerGreat Neck South HS
7.Michael GurtowskiCold Spring Harbor HS
8.Spencer BlondmanGreat Neck North HS
9.Bryce JenningsOyster Bay HS
10.Eric FriedGreat Neck South HS
11.James NortonOyster Bay HS
12.Greg WurzelCold Spring Harbor HS
13.Ryan O'HalloranGarden City HS
14.Phil TangelGarden City HS