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2007-2008 Results

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May 4th, 2008

Jr. & Sr. Team Summer National Qualifiers

Junior Teamsfinal results
Senior Teamsfinal results
April 6th, 2008

Division II/III Summer National Qualifiers

Div II/II Mens's Epeefinal results
Div II/II Mens's Foilfinal results
Div II/II Mens's Saberfinal results
Div II/II Women's Epeefinal results
Div II/II Women's Foilfinal results
Div II/II Women's Saberfinal results
March 2nd and 16th, 2008

Y14 and U16 Summer National Qualifiers

Y14 Boy's Epeefinal results
Y14 Boy's Foilfinal results
Y14 Boy's Saberfinal results
Y14 Girl's Epeefinal results
Y14 Girl's Foilfinal results
Y14 Girl's Saberfinal results
U16 Boy's Epeefinal results
U16 Boy's Foilfinal results
U16 Boy's Saberfinal results
U16 Girl's Epeefinal results
U16 Girl's Foilfinal results
U16 Girl's Saberfinal results
December 16, 2007

Junior Olymic Epee Qualifiers

Men's Cadet Epeefinal results
Men's Junior Epeefinal results
Women's Cadet Epeefinal results
Women's Junior Epeefinal results
December 15, 2007

Brentwood Holiday Tournement

Men's Epeeall results
Men's Foilall results
Men's Sabreall results
Women's Epeeall results
Women's Foilall results
Women's Sabreall results
December 2, 2007

Junior Olymic Sabre Qualifiers

Men's Cadet Sabrefinal results
Men's Junior Sabrefinal results
Women's Cadet Sabrefinal results
Women's Junior Sabrefinal results


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