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Engarde to HTML

Latest version - 1.1.5 - May 15, 2007

Note: As of January 2007, this page will be retired and engarde2html will be released through the author's web site at http://tony.aiu.to/sa/engarde2html/engarde2html.html. Any future updates will appear there first.

engarde2html is a program turns Engarde competition data into HTML. It can be easily modified to produce other forms of output.

It requires Tcl (Tool Command Language, pronounced "tickle") to work. A copy of ActiveState Tcl is provided below.



  1. Install Tcl
    Download ActiveState Tcl for windows and click on the installer.
  2. Download engarde2html.tcl and copy to a convenient location. This may be either your Engarde program folder, or the folder where you run save your events.
  3. Double-click engarde2html.tcl to start it
  4. Select the competition.egw file for the event
  5. Press "Generate HTML"
    The event results will be in the competition folder as event.html

Report any problems (or send money) to tony.aiuto@gmail.com


Scorepad is a timing/scoring program for the Palm Pilot. I found it on the internet a few years ago. I lost track of the original author.