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USFA - Youth Fencing
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Canadian Fencing Federation       -       ... calendar
askFRED.net - not an organization, but a site of competitions and results from all over the country
fencing.net - Fencing news from around the world and a large, active set of forums
Fencing Channel - video and results from competitions world-wide


Island Fencing Academy
Mission Fencing Academy
North Shore Fencing Club
Mission Fencing Academy

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Great Neck South High School
Ward Melville High School
Walt Whitman High School


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College Team Sites

NCAA Sports - HS students: college coaches often ask if you have seen their team fence. You should think of attending a few collegiate events as a spectator.
NCAA General Fencing information
Stony Brook Fencing Club
St. John's - Men's - Women's
Columbia Fencing
Hunter College - Men's - Women's

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Fencing Camps

This list of camps is not meant to endorse any of them. It is simply a transcript of contact information from pamphlet's collected at events. The USFA also sent this newsletter with advertisements for camps.

FCLI will be running full day camps this summer. They run Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm.
7/24 Epee, Ages 12-20
7/31 Foil, Ages 12-20
8/7 Youth Foil, Ages 8-12
8/14 Youth Sabre, Ages 8-12
8/21 Sabre, Ages 12-20
Fencing Center of Long Island

Island Fencing Academy

HALF DAY CAMP (9 am - 12 noon) ages 5-10 - July 10 & July 17
This half day camp is a fun introduction for youth fencers and a training camp for experienced youth fencers looking to strengthen their skills. This camp is less intensive than the full day camp with two short training periods in the morning, about one hour and fifteen minutes each. Campers will learn basic footwork, sport etiquette, rules of the game, and simple tactics. There is ample time for bouting and fencing games. Equipment is provided. Please bring snacks.

FULL DAY CAMP (10 am - 4 pm) ages 10-18 - July 24, July 31, August 7
This intensive training camp includes two sessions a day, about two and a half hours in length. Each session includes a full warm-up, stretch, and footwork routine. Morning sessions focus on footwork, drilling, and tactics. The afternoon session focuses on guided bouting (endurance, tactics, situational bouting), open bouting, and competition analysis, which may include footage from world championships . There is a tournament on the last class day of each week. ALL WEAPONS - ALL LEVELS

Everything below is from 2005, it is unverified for 2006....
Spring Break in Paris, March 26-April 3, Michael Pacheco, 707.763.8290, www.sonomafencing.com
FASJ pre-Nationals Camp (South Jersey), June 19-28, 856.424.5070, www.fasj.com
Gold Blade (Southlake Texas), June 25-27, 817.416.0822, www.latouchefencing.com
Brown University, July 16-28, 401.383.2285, AtilioTass@cox.net
Candlewood Fencing Center, July 18-Aug 6, 203.778.0808, www.candlewoodfencing.com
Nellya Fencers Sabre Camp, July 18-27, 404.362.0368, info@nellyafencers.com nellyafencers.com
Mediterranean Fencing Club (Valencia Spain), Aug. 15-27, Oleg Stetsiv, 917.478.7431
Polish International Camp, Aug. 16-28, Vladimir Lilov, wxg4@psu.edu
Fencer's Club (@Kutchers), Aug. 15-Aug. 26, www.manhattanfencing.com
Sankofa Sabre Camp (East Hampton), Aug 21-28, Mika'il Sankofa, 917.371.5603, www.sankofasabrecamp.com
Les Siegneurs de la Rive-Nord, near Montreal - July 23-30, July 30-Aug 6 - French immersion and Fencing instruction. For information: mgjesc@hotmail.com
LuHi Fencing Camp (at Portledge School) - July 10-21 or Aug 7-18
NJ division camps list